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If you should ever decide you want to start a career in internet marketing If you engage in spam There's something you should know That I will hunt you down And to destroy you! Burn in hell! I get online and notice I have E-mail I click my inbox and see OH WHAT THE FUCK! 20 e-mails are coming...

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You know, guys, I’m turning 20 in a few months. And it’s scaring me—the thought of no longer being a teenager, specifically. The presumed stupidity of adolescence is a hell of a buffer to have surrounding your behavior. Think of all the times you’ve driven a golf cart through some hedges, or run across a highway with a traffic cone on your dome, or had unprotected sex knowing that the worst consequence...


Yahoo answersWhy does my wife keep sending me coupons for male enhancement products through email?

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    im gonna be blunt, your wife thinks you have a small penis and she is sexually frustrated

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    That payment forced them into bankruptcy, but they're still making products. Reach for those profits in any way you can, guys! Despite these issues, the NBA has gladly taken on Power Balance as a business partner. Although the company no longer lends

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    Viewpoints » Columnists. . There's no need to dwell on becoming a man—it'll happen on its own. by Ajay Batra - Nov 2, Do you wish I were kidding? I wish I were kidding.) So, it shouldn't really be so hard to leave behind

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    I admit that being a healthy, testosterone-drenched male locked in a concrete water closet for the better part of two decades has, on occasion, left me pining for one. It's not what you put in your mouth. Nothing ruins a great Revlon #10 red like

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    HRL has known that testosterone levels in males decreases with age and that a testosterone enhancement regimen brings positive effects in mood, energy, virility and over all energy, especially in the ever growing baby boomer generation. To see the

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    As you can see, going across from left to right, with the exception of one of the groups, the population was over half male and predominantly white race. The mean age in most of .. So we'll be able to characterize those response rates, provide those

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