Dr. Tobias Male Enhancement and Hormone Support, 60 Count

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  • 90 capsules, made in the USA
  • Blood Pressure Support
  • Formulated to help support blood pressure levels in the normal range

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Teens Using More Muscle-Enhancement Supplements Leaving Experts ... - Diets In Review (blog)

A rising trend among teens is leaving both health experts and parents concerned. According to the 2010 Eating and Activity in Teens Study – a population-based analysis of diet, physical activity, and weight control behaviors among adolescents in Minnesota – teen boys and girls may be using protein shakes and other muscle-enhancing supplements to bulk up now more than ever. 

As reported...

Source: www.dietsinreview.com

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  • Teens Using More Muscle-Enhancement Supplements Leaving Experts ...

    Approximately 53% were female, 46% were male, and 60% played at least one after-school sport. The study found that 35% of adolescents who participated admitted to using Jeff Boone is the defensive coordinator at Independent School in Wichita

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    HRL has known that testosterone levels in males decreases with age and that a testosterone enhancement regimen brings positive effects in mood, energy, virility and over all energy, especially in the ever growing baby boomer generation. To see the

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