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Music to go: 6 portable Bluetooth speakers reviewed - DVICE

Back in the old days, if you wanted to take your music to go, you shouldered a giant boombox and went. But kids today are spoiled and have a bevy of pint-sized options at their disposal. Whether they're picnicking in the park, laying out at the beach or hanging out with friends, they can easily pull out a compact Bluetooth speaker from their bag to belt out their favorite tunes.

Since Jawbone...


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  • Music to go: 6 portable Bluetooth speakers reviewed

    (In May, Jawbone unveiled the aptly named Big Jambox to satisfy them, which packed much more boom in a package that's five and a half times larger by volume — it also came with a heftier price tag of $300.) As the competition heated up, Jawbone

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    Finally, our business has continued in Q3 to deliver very solid double-digit revenue and volume growth versus the same period in 2011, benefiting from a strong, entering, active subscriber base and continued surging growth in our CE

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    Rizer XL, makers of the well-known male enhancement supplement, recently discussed the importance of L-arginine as an ingredient in their once daily supplement. The company went to great lengths to explain what L-arginine is, what it does, and why it's

  • Judaism: The Laws of Modesty: Analysis of a Basic Jewish Value

    Such action must be taken consistently, by female teachers and not males, because it is immodest for male teachers or principals to deal with this issue. I am not naïve to think that had you read the entire article, you would have been convinced, but

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    It will, however, develop a powerful middle class that is far more likely than the wealthy to generate the economic enhancement of those living in poverty. Community Capitalism will .. The other great concern is the outline that Shand gives of the

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